Sheet Metal Punching – Amada VIPROS 367 Queen Hydraulic Turret Machine

* 33 tons of punching force
* Can process 5′ x 12′ sheets with single repositioning cycle
* 58-station triple-track turret
* Two 1.25″ auto-index stations

The servo-controlled hydraulic system provides high-speed processing and low noise operation. Precision control of the ram’s brake-like forming cycle delivers high-quality forming with easy electronic depth adjustment. The 33 tons of low vibration punching force, the rigid bridge frame construction and the large table capacity, make the “Queen” ideal for a wide range of large sheet processing applications.  Many tools are available and ready to use on customer jobs.  Specialized and customer specific tooling can be readily acquired.

Amada PEGA – 345 Punching Machine

Sheet Metal Bending – Amada RG-80 Bending Machine

* 88 tons of capacity
* 8′ bed length
* 4″ maximum traveling distance of ram
* 98″ maximum bend length


Ram repeatability is ±0.0004″, while the backgauge can travel 19.6 inches.  The RG-Series is the basic model of the uniquely designed hydraulic up-stroking bender.  Innovative central up-stroke pressurization eliminates center opening in order to maintain higher bending accuracy.

Amada RG-100 Bending Machine also available

Shearing – Amada M2546 Mechanical Shearing Machine

* Maximum cut length of 48″-153″
* Maximum plate thickness of 3/16″ mild steel
* 60 strokes per minute

The Mechanical Shear Series is designed for fast, versatile and safe material processing.  M-shear has an optimum upper blade rake angle for fine cutting accuracy and an operator friendly CNC back gauge for easy operation with high efficiency.

Amada Hydraulic Power Notching Machine

  • Cemco 2137 SE Series Deburr and Finishing Machine, 75 inch long by 36 inch wide abrasive belt

  • Deburring Machines by Burr King and others

  • Haeger 618 Insertion Machine – (three available)


TIG welders and workstations

Spot welding workstations

  • Surface Plate 36″ x 48″

  • Mitutoyo 24″ Dial Height Gauge

  • Angle Plate 8″ x 12″

  • Pin Gauge with .06 to .500 accuracy

  • Gauge Block with .500 to 4.000 accuracy

  • Sylvac 40″ Electronic Digit Caliper .0005″ resolution

  • Mitutoyo 0-1″ Micrometer

  • Networked computer system
    • Two Dell Workstations running Amada AP100 software
      • Amada AP100 (Fabriwin) CAD/CAM Software

        * True 32-bit Processing
        * BendCAD Support
        * Reverse Engineering – Convert existing code or write new code

    • Dell PowerEdge Server

  • 12 Speed 20″ High Heavy Duty Drill Press

  • 14″ Mitre Saw with 5 HP

  • Oxy-Acetylene metal cutting torches

  • Numerous hand tools for de-burring, cutting, finishing, and grinding

  • Vertical Mill with Sargon Control

  • 5,000 pound Mitsubishi Forklift

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